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Digital Marketing

Develop mind-blowing websites to create an impressive online image

No matter what business you are into, having a unique identity on the online space is extremely essential to grab the attention of your target audience, considering the fact that the market is extremely cluttered today and that consumers rarely have any time in their hands. We have a team of experts who will evaluate the USPs of your brand and develop not just a visually appealing website but a technically sound one that suits your brand’s image and philosophy. We understand that content is the core of your website, if you go wrong here, you might not be able to keep the audience excited. Our adept team will ensure that the content of your website is top-notch in terms of quality that will make them come back for more.

Not only that our website design will also include:

  • Usability or User Interface (UI)
  • User interaction & Experience (UX)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Devise digital strategies to reach out to the right target audience

We ensure that your brand reaches the largest and the most appropriate audience. Our targeted online strategies are aimed at helping you conquer your business goals. We also think of innovative campaign ideas that suit the nature of your business and execute them to create the right kind of hype among your audience. Not just that we follow a very robust set of guidelines for campaign management and analytics to optimise your campaigns for best results.

This is how we do it:

  • Using search engines optimisation to attract traffic.
  • Generate conversations using social networks
  • Engage them with great looking creativities for your online ad campaigns
  • Convert them into loyal customer by kick-starting interesting deals and conversations.

Run innovative online ad campaigns to multiply the reach of your business

We help you get closer to your business goals, analyse the needs of your audience, choose the right channels and execute online ad campaigns that perfectly fit the bill. The highlight of online campaigns is the fact that unlike offline campaigns, it’s carried out in a very controlled environment. Cutting-edge analytics help you observe your campaigns closely and keep a tab on your budgets by optimising them as and when required. We run all kinds of ad campaigns like

  • Text & Display ads – Google
  • Banner Ad – Publisher properties
  • Social Ads – FB, LinkedIn

Generate relevant conversations through Social Media Marketing

If you cannot converse with your target audience, you are not engaging them and they might slowly lose interest in your brand. Social media is not just a platform. It's where most of your audience are spending their time to interact, communicate and shop. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to build a community around your brand which will in-turn make them loyal towards your brand and eager to hear more from you. Our Social Media Services have been specifically aligned to your business objectives and brand’s image.

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Strategy and Program development
  • Social Media Management (monthly content development, distribution, quarterly campaigns and more)
  • Social Media contests and promotions
  • Customer Community Mapping
  • Blogging and Content Development
  • Conversational marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Monitoring and Reporting
  • Social Media App Development

Excel in search-engine results and improve online traffic with SEO

Search engines are where your services and products are looked up by users all over the world. What is the use of developing websites and social media pages which never appear on the first page in search engine results? Our team of SEO experts will devise a plan and optimise keywords that are most likely to be searched by users. There are various other off-page and on-page activities that we follow to bring your site on the top!

Develop e-commerce platforms to generate online sales

The end consumer today is always short of time and avoids going out to shop. He would rather prefer clicking a few buttons on an online shop and get them delivered at his doorsteps. You wouldn’t want to miss the bus here by not hosting your products online and losing out an exciting opportunity to generate revenue through online sales. We have expertise in developing e-commerce platforms with complete cataloguing services, payment gateways. We also have tie-ups with various vendors for logistical support.

Design mobile applications to get your business handy

The future today is mobile. Every potential consumer spends more time on the go and keeps fiddling with his mobile phone all the time, be it for official purposes or to connect with his friends and family though social media platforms. This has given marketers a very bright opportunity to advertise through this medium and reach out to a larger audience. We can develop interesting mobile applications based on your requirements featuring functions to engage your audience or drive sales.